The Whimsically Grotesque 

Ma Bones

  • Contributing writer for "Fatal Faeries" an anthology (2020)
  • Principal Actor for the Greek Lysistrata (2020))
  • Selected Writer for Jax by Jax (2019) 
  • Selected Writer for Jax Book fest (2019)
  • Instructor for Jax Poetry Fest (2019) 
  • Instructor for Jax Poetry Fest (2018) 
  • Founder of S.P.I.T.S (2010-2014) 
  • Researcher and contributing writer for UNF playwriting project (2013) 


  • Contributing writer for "Fatal Faeries" an anthology (2020)
  • Contributing artiste "A River Rising: Anthology" (2019)
  • Album Art for TBD album by Last Electric Rodeo (2019-2020)
  • Album art for "Prequela" by Last Elebctic Rodeo (2017)
  • Cover art for "Ottis Toole: A Southern Gothic" published (2013)
  • Illustrator for "Ghost Compost" Published (2012)


Nick Dunkenstein

DeadSteins:  Fresh From the Grave



                   In 2010 an artist and writer duo got together and began an ambitious collaborative venture. Intially Deadsteins was a pooling of resources for two broke college students, however with time the ideas and mission of the collaboration began to shift. 


-2010 the founding of Poetic Justice 

-2010 the founding of S.P.I.T.S at the UNF campus 

-2013 the founding of Wandering Wednesdays in downtown Jacksonville

-2018 the founding of "DeadSteins: Writing Emporiums" 

-2018 the Inagural Poetric Festivus at Highlands Library 

-2019 Publication of the illustrated poetrty collection "Knock, Knock, Grandma's Dead" 


With each new art exploration the sense of purpose, dedication to craft, and community enrichment sharpended and clarified within the team. Now Deadsteins is focused on making connections with fellow writers and diverse artists, seeking collaborative opportunities as well as providing them. To their local communities, the group provides free in person writing workshops thematic, and offered monthly. They are also the hosts of the annual poetic festivus held at Highlands library. 


Through these events, Deadsteins' mission becomes one of education and inclusion. Art and writing should be accesible to people regardless of income or location. In personal practice, the artists' rely on found objections and disgarded materials to 'upcycle' art (making it more environmentally concious). Inspiration for the duo comes from the darker aspects of life, not to celebrate those features but to provide illumination from creative exploration. 


For it is their firm belief that it is only when we know, that we become less afraid.