The Whimsically Grotesque 

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         The book attempts to tackle death in three of its forms: absurd, lonely, and peaceful. Each poem acts as a miniature story with a "set-up" in the first stanza, while the last stanza is the  "take-away."  Form and structure aid the consistency of the collection, while the content of each poem is always unique. Utilizing this format, the creators craft a dialogue about death. This conversation opens up the possibility of an expression of thoughts and feelings, in regards to the subject of bereavement. 

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Eternal Eulogies for the Dearly Departed....



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"It was an absolute fun event for me & my son. I can't wait to get together again. You can be yourself & feel instant friendships with everyone. Totally comfortable atmosphere and the readings were so great....I really really enjoyed myself & am looking forward to coming to many more. Thanks!"-Kristy Thompson-Ingram

"They are awesome and creative and very hilarious and inspiring! I went to one of their writer workshops today and it was fun inclusive and I learned so much! If you don’t know them yet... you really should."-Elizabeth Hessler